How contemporary design could give to a particular community new ways to express their culture by making it accessible and understandable to new generations? How can it add to the presentation of a particular culture?


The book "Personal guide of Colombianiety" was created as an initiative to show my country and my culture as I know it. Through the book, I take the reader to meet a country far from the nacotrafico, the cartels and Pablo Escobar. This is an attempt to show the readers the other face of the country and maybe inspired you to visit and enjoy its cultural riches. There is much more to Colombianity, this is just an appetizer.


The challenging with the realization of the project was express a culture without falling into appropriation or a generalization and reinforcing the stereotypes. The approach that i decided to take to avoid these to issues was to show my interpretation an experience of my own culture inspired from childhood memories and events on my life. I listed the thing that i missed the most about my country, things that marked my childhood and typical expressions that people find funny.


The intention was to make something engaging and informative that would create in the reader to desire to know more about this particular culture.



The "Personal Guide to Colombianety" is not only a personal guide, but a fun way to learn with different level of questions and hand made embroidery patches as rewards. It will also be followed by a mini-serie of images posted on instagram to reach a wider and younger public.


It's a compilation of my experience as an afro-colombian and the expressions, foods and object that i hold dearly as part of my identity.

The embroidery on the cover was made by the use of the TAJIMA machine and the patches were hand made using recycled fabric.