3D project realized to collect fonds for Chez Doris, a non-profit organization to help homeless and women in difficulty.


Cité Des Dames was created by to empower women and raise awareness to the population of disadvantaged women here in the city of Montreal. The name Cite des Dames was inspired by Le Livre de la Cité des Dames, written in 1405 by Christine de Pizan, and inspiring book where the author defends women and their role in society through a fictional city, the City of Ladies. The name is also reminiscent of Chez Doris, since initials are both “CD”. This was done in order to foster a relationship between the between the brand and Chez Doris, the organization which we chose to focus on.All our pieces are made of recycled materials.



The idea of women empowerment and the underrepresentation of disadvantaged women inspired us to create pieces that would raise awareness for the people of Chez Doris. Some of the pieces are abstract representation of women whilst others simply represent the name of the brand. We decided to create 2-3 designs each in order to provide variety and enable everyone to have their own artistic voice whilst sticking to the same brand identity. Rather than mass producing the pieces, we decided to create 4 sets of each design in order to create a sense of exclusivity and uniqueness.


For the conception of the jewelry, We got inspiration from the non-profit organisation name, Chez Doris, and different women silhouette to represent the organization we were looking to support and our main clients.We tested different shapes and adapted to the different recycled materials we had available.


It terms of production, it was very important for us to create sustainable jewelry, hence we decided to create items with recycled wood and plexiglass taken from CUCCR, at Concordia University. Surprisingly enough, it was rather easy to gather enough materials for our project, and noticed people threw away materials which was sufficient enough for other uses/projects (of smaller sizes).  All of the pieces were done through the laser cutter machine except for the thick pieces of maple wood which were done at the CNC machine.

All the money collected was given to Chez Doris and the pieces that weren't sold were given to the same organization as Christmas gift for the women of the shelter.


Laura Rosero


Leila Hormazi


Hagar Moussali


Carolina Ovalle