Bosco was conceived from a desire to create more sustainable products. This small night table lamp is inspired from nature shapes and searches to create a natural balance by the material used. An object inspired from nature that gives back to nature!


It’s perfect for childrends and adults. The intensity of light can be adjusted and change from a regular to a pulsing mode for a soothing experience.



The problematic with the conception of the lamp was to create something from only material that were available at the Concordia University's Centre for Creative Reuse (CCUCR),  used no glue in its assembly method and could be easily taken apart to change any piece and  to dispose each material separately.


The used of 3D modelling software allow me to plan in advance the assembly method and the structure that would allow an easy access to all the lamp components.



Bosco  is an assembly of recycled wood, recycled cotton, 3D printed PLA holded together only by screws. It can easily be disassembled and disposed for recycling. This allows the user to have more control of the after life of the product.


Do you need to change the LEDs? Simple! remove the first layer of PLA and fabric and you will get acces to the electronics. Do you want to desassable it comepletly? Just remove the screws and everything else will come apart.

Bosco’s packaging is inspired by the Japanese furoshiki method and is also sustainable. It’s made from cardboard and 100% cotton. It can be reused to carry other items or has a picnic basket/blanket.